So I just realised I’ve totally neglected the blog part of my website and haven’t posted in 3.5 months! If I’m being super honest, I’ve had A LOT to do. Client work + art stuff + parenting 2 munchkins + decluttering the house. Am I doing a lot? Sure. Am I a tad forgetful? Just slightly (thanks sleep deprivation!). But I feel totally sane and happy, which is what’s important right?

It’s also been a super busy and insane month. December always is, it’s like the world drank Red Bull all at once, and you can feel the hectic energy surround you over the holiday period. On the client side of things, I’ve had lots to do too. I don’t normally take breaks over the holiday period but this time I’m taking 2 weeks off from all my clients (but one). It feels a little bit weird to not be doing anything as I wrapped up most of my projects last week (except for the one client, who are the only exception), but I’ve also given myself a giant list of things to do during this break.

Putting all that aside, 2018 has been a crazy year.

Highlights so far:

  • My #2 arrived in mid-April. Though I wasn’t working as much this year compared to last year, looking after 2 kids is tough and takes up all my energy, but I’m loving every bit of being a parent and so grateful for my healthy kids. I’m also lucky to be able to have the flexibility to be able to work from home too.
  • First year working with FOPA, and it’s only going to be bigger in the coming years. Super stoked to be working with them next year too!
  • Landed a contract job with a massive client (who is the one client I’m working for over the holidays),  and it’s been a ball working with them so far! I’ll reveal more next year.
  • NEW COMPUTER RIG! And my new 4K monitor! Upgrading my computer was way overdue and I’m loving my upgrade. 10x times faster than my previous build (which was already pretty fast) and all those beautiful retina-display pixels on my monitor :D
  • Did a 6 week bootcamp course for graphic designers and it’s been a big eye-opener. I also connected with many awesome designers too! More details coming in the new year!

Not many not-so-great highlights this year unless you count sleep deprivation (I knowingly signed up for it anyway), but my lifestyle has definitely changed even more now. As a freelancer/business owner, I’m always thinking about ways to improve my business and there will be massive changes come the new year. I’m extremely excited about these changes, and can’t wait to share it with you!

Signing off for the remainder of the year on the blog side of things, with a promise that I will try to be more web active next year!

I wish you have a wonderful and safe holidays, whether you’re spending it with your family or by yourself. Don’t forget to give yourself a giant hug for being awesome! Peace out Interwebs!